About Company

Why We are Different

The Wezesha Group is a team made up of diverse individuals both culturally as well as personally. Our vision of having a Kenya, an Africa, where every individual has the right to be a land owner and have the right to quality insurance covers brought us together to steer what we believe will be the forefront of innovative vessels.
Over the years it has been more difficult to attain property and to attain quality insurance. The reasons may be due to changing economic climates or social factors that have caused an effect on these facilities but we at Wezesha are constantly working towards reducing and eventually removing those barriers to enable our African peers easier and simpler access to what, we believe, is their right. With the launch of Wezesha Ploti and Wezesha Bima, we embark on our journey to enabling our clients, our supporters, our friends. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow our social media pages and we will keep you updated on our movement.

Thank you,
The Wezesha Team
Enabling. You.

The Property

vigourous work goes into the location, due diligence and market research of market research of every parcel of land we acquire. We ensure we are offering our subscribers land that holds the appreciation value.

The Subscription - *807#

Once the property is acquired, We put it on our USSD platforms where subscribers simply dial *807#, choose the property they would like, agree to the easy installment plan and subscribe immediately.

Documentation Usage

Once subscribed, a client must visit our office or agency outlets to submit theirpaper work and collect their official sale agreement. The sale agreement also qualifies them to start making use of their parcel of land immediately.

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